Jun 2, 2019
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  • 用一些高级到没有必要的高级词汇和自以为地道的表述来为自己的英语作文增添色彩。

CET-6 Vocabulary Lists

imply 暗示
corresponding 符合的
indispensable >=necessary,essential
approach =key=solution
factor 因素
disease =contagious=epedemic=infectous
account for 解释
on account of =because
vital =important
sufficient =adequate
enormous =vast=numerous=tremendous=massive
majority 大多数
drastic 激烈=fierce
convey =express
pessimestic 悲观的
object to =be opposed to
List 4-5  
virtual 实质上的
for intance 例如
concequently =so因此
attribute to =boil down to=put sth. down to = ascribe to
fundamentally 根本上的
have an insight into sth. 对…有深入了解
one’s outlook on life  
ultimate,ultimatly 极致的
wheras =while 然而
valid 有效的 invalid ant.
grant =give
contract =infect
preserve 保护=conserve ,腌制 e.g. preserved fruit
have a profound effect on 对…有深度的影响
anticipate =expect
trade deflict/surplus 贸易逆差/顺差
conserve 养护=maintain, 保护
sophisticated =complex 尖端复杂的 = elaborate 精心制作的
List 6  
descend v.下降 (descent n.)
ascend 上升 (ascent)
exceed 超过 =surpass
initiate 开始,创造,发动,启蒙->illuminate=enlighten
exclusive,exclusively =merely
prevalent a. =popular prevailing =outstanding/widespread
tackle =deal with =cope up with
conventional =normal=traditional
distinct =unique
under no circumstances 无论如何不
in spite of 尽管
List 7  
be intent on doing 热衷于
acknowlegde 承认,确认,答谢
entensive 广泛的
substantial 表面上的=superficial=seemingly
artificial =synthetic
magnify =overstate=exaggerate
evident 明显的
manifest 表明
diminish =reduce=minimize
impulse 冲动
overwhelming 势不可挡的
be bound to 注定
initial 最初
It’s a paradox that…  
shed tears 声泪俱下
by virtue of 借助
considerable 大量的=gross=substantial
decent =appropriate
precise =accurate
inner =internal=inside=intrinstic
facilitate sb. to do 使便利
respective =individual=subjective
List 10  
assert =claim
cherish =value珍视
manifest =show昭示
predominant 优越的,有力的=effective
defect 缺点=drawback=shortcoming=flaw
testify 作证=indicate
infant =naïve
intricate =complex
List 11  
optimism乐观主义 optimist乐天派
find a niddle in a hay stack 大海捞针
multiple 多重的
tolerance 宽容 n.
thrive v. 兴旺繁荣
hamper 阻碍=hinder=interfere=intervene
in harmony with 与…和谐相处
List 12  
perpetual 永恒的
recall 回忆
absurd 荒谬的
adversity 逆境
considerate 考虑周到的
highlight 强调突出
remedy 疗法,补救方法
misfortune 不幸
portray 描绘(图片作文,复数portrays)
simultaneous =at the same time
contend 主张
controversial a. 引起争议的,有争论的
jeopardize v.危害 >endanger
vice n. 恶习
peak 峰值
List 13  
readily 容易的
liberal 自由主义的 e.g. liberal arts
be bewildered by 被…诱惑
curb 约束=inhibit
undergo 经历
aggravate 加重,加剧
command attention 博得关注
liability 责任(正式)
List 14  
soar 猛增
be sympathetic to/towards 资瓷,同情
In vain+倒装 =否定词句首
eccentric a. 古怪的,不同寻常的
realistic 现实可行的
reap 得到
threshold 临界值,起始点
I reckon =I think
genuine 真正的